What exactly is included in Productize Your Genius?

Productize Your Genius helps turn your expertise and intuition into a unique and scalable system that can serve exponentially more clients with – or without – you. This program ultimately helps you create a Unique Approach™ that enables you to serve way more clients with group coaching, courses, or memberships because it turns your intuition & expertise into a repeatable, scalable system.

Productize Your Genius includes three trainings:

  • Ideate Your impact
    • Get clarity on exactly who your Unique Approach™ will be designed to serve and what type of transformation it will deliver.
  • Systemize the Transformation
    • AKA "Make sense of the magic." Use the Genius Productization Method™ to quickly turn your expertise & intuition into a powerful, repeatable system that gets clients results.
  • Brand Your Unique Approach
    • Make your new approach uniquely yours with outcome-laden language that excites & entices your ideal clients. 

As well as these bonuses:

  • Genius Productization Blueprint
  • Bestselling Unique Approach Example Bank
  • Genius Productization Method Q&A Recording

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