What exactly is included in Simple + Scalable Groups?

Simple + Scalable Groups includes:

Part #1: Evergreen Your Coaching

Here you'll learn our Hybrid Coaching Model and the exact process to earn more, serve more, and live more with an evergreen group coaching program.

Part #2: Productize Your Genius

You'll learn to quickly turn your expertise and intuition into a powerful, repeatable system that gets clients results.

Part #3: Design Your Hybrid

We'll guide you on designing (or redesigning) your group coaching program for maximum freedom, scalability, and client results in less than a day.

The program includes complete recordings of past Q&A sessions, as well as these bonuses:

  • "Scaling Projection Calculator"
  • ‘'Deliver A World-Class Experience” Training 
  • “Simple Group Tech” Guide
  • “Quick Curriculum” Template